Center for Drug Discovery, Design, and Delivery

Center for Drug Discovery, Design, and Delivery

The Center for Drug Discovery, Design and Delivery (CD4) at Southern Methodist University's Dedman College of the Humanities and Sciences is a novel multi-disciplinary focus for scientific research targeting medically important problems in human health.

Using innovative approaches, CD4’s mission is to potentiate the development of new therapeutics, their delivery methods as well as the translation of these new therapeutics to clinical studies. Training new generations of biomedical researchers in state-of-the-art techniques completes the overall mission of the Center.

CD4 Faculty Win Prestigious Award

Drs. John Wise (l) and Nick Tsarevsky (r) have been awarded the SMU Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences Dean’s Research Council (DRC) Award for 2014. The DRC Award is given through a competitive selection process with the goal of providing critical research support to bring innovative research projects to life.

Photos are from the award ceremony held at Meadows Museum, courtesy Kevin Gattis.

(l-r) Dr. Wise, Dr. Pia Vogel, CD4 Director, and Dr. Tsarevsky

(l-r) Dr. Wise, Dr. Tsarevsky, and Dr. Dr. Renee McDonald,
Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs

The Tsarevsky Lab

The Wise-Vogel Lab