Distinction Program

This is a two-course (for a total of six credit hours) sequence of classes that can be taken in conjunction with research assistant hours (up to three credit hours/semester). In unusual cases, the sequence can be done in two semesters.

Admission Requirements:

  • Have a GPA in psychology of 3.5 or better
  • Find a faculty mentor. Faculty mentors can be from a different department but they need to be actively engaged in research.
  • Gain approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

    *Courses Junior Year:

    Psyc 3393 – Distinction Seminar in Psychology: Data Collection and Analyses. The first course in a course sequence for the psychology distinction program. During the semester, students collect their data and begin analyses. In addition, continued attention is devoted to scientific writing.

    Senior Year:

    Psyc 4393 – Distinction Seminar in Psychology: Completion of Research Project. The second course in a two-course sequence for the psychology distinction program. Over the couse of the semester, students complete their research projects and prepare them for dissemination.

    *Prerequisite: Instructor approval. Classes are Pass/Fail. Students in the program take these classes in addition to the regular requirements of the major.

    Enrollment is limited. Interested students apply by contacting Dr. Kouros or Dr. Logan.