Bethany Williamson


Entry Year: 2009

Educational Background

Ph.D., Southern Methodist University (2015)
M.A., Southern Methodist University (2013)
B.A., Cedarville University (2007)



17th- and 18th- century British Literature; Empire, Travel writing, and Orientalism; Literary and Critical Theory.


Dissertation Title

"Orienting Virtue: Morals, Markets, and Global Modernity in English literature, 1660-1800"



Associate Professor of English, Biola University, CA



Orienting Virtue: Civic Identity and Orientalism in Britain's Global Eighteenth Century. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2022.

“Inexhaustible Mines and Postlapsarian Decay: the End of Improvement in Defoe’s Tour.” Eighteenth-Century Fiction 32.1 (2019): 79-99.

“Margaret Cavendish, the Royal Society, and the Alchemy of the Arabian Sands.” Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies 17.1 (2017): 120-146.