Research Areas

Faculty mentors supervise extramurally-funded research programs, with support from federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and also serve as reviewers and editorial board members for scientific journals, academic texts, and national and international granting agencies.

Major areas of research include the following areas:

Aging: Svetlana Radyuk and William Orr and Adam Norris

Neuroscience: Adam Norris and Edward Glasscock and Zhihao Wu

Cancer: Robert Harrod and John Wise and Pia Vogel

Drug ResistanceJohn Wise and Pia Vogel

EpigeneticsRichard Jones and Robert Harrod

Gene RegulationRichard Jones and Robert Harrod and William Orr and Adam Norris and Zhihao Wu

Infectious DiseasesRobert Harrod

Inflammation & ImmunitySvetlana Radyuk

Structural Biology: Steven Vik and John Wise and Pia Vogel