Ebi Live

Ebi Live 2023 


September 30, 2023

8:00 PM


Event Info

Doors open at 6:30pm the day of the event.

House doors open at 7:00pm the day of the event.

Drinks, and snacks will be available for purchase by credit card at the event.


Tickets are available for purchase online through Eventbrite.

Tickets are also available for purchase by credit card the evening of the event at the McFarlin Memorial Auditorium box office.


Preferred parking lots are Daniel Parking Center (N), Airline Parking Center (S), Q, and R.

Parking fee is $15.00.  Cash and Credit Card are accepted.

Ride share drop off point is located at the corner of University Blvd and Boaz Lane.

PDF of Parking Map

Permitted & Prohibited items

  • Binoculars
  • Bags or soft packs 12" x  6" x 12" or smaller
  • All personal possessions must fit under the patron's designated seat
  • Beverage/liquid filled containers (including thermoses, bota bags or wine skins)
  • Outside alcoholic beverages (Select shows may sale beer and wine)
  • Strollers or Stroller Car Seat Combo
  • Personal property that is a potential hazard to others (e.g., chains, wallet chains or jewelry with spiked edges)
  • Weapons or items construed as weapons (e.g., guns, knives, sticks, fireworks)
  • Audio or video recording devices, professional cameras or cameras with removable lenses
  • McFarlin Auditorium is a smoke-free venue. This includes vapes, Juuls, and all e-cigarette devices. In addition, smoking is prohibited within twenty-five (25) feet of any entrance to building.