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Bible Software and Apps

Bible Software at Bridwell

BibleWorks is a Bible software program that helps you engage in exegesis using the original languages. Bibleworks provides access to reference works such as lexica, grammars, and dictionaries.

You can use Bibleworks for in-depth word studies, concordance work, and other exegetical tasks that require use of Greek and Hebrew. While familiarity with the languages is useful, it is not necessary to use BibleWorks.

BibleWorks is available on select computers in the Mezzanine and Basement at Bridwell Library.

Apps for Theology

This Research Guide provides an overview of some more-or-less affordable (under $10) applications or “apps” available for smart phones and tablets that can be useful for students of theology.

Examples include: Greek and Hebrew (and Latin) vocabulary “cards,” ebook readers (EBL), apps for note taking and highlighting PDF files, and worship and devotion resources.