Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences

Graduating Students

Deadlines and Steps to Graduation

Steps to Graduation Item Due Dec 2014 May 2015 Aug 2014
Apply for Candidacy to Graduate (ACG)

Discuss the prospects for graduating with your graduate advisor. If you both agree that you are in a position to graduate during the next graduation cycle (May, August, December), please have your department notify Phyllis Payne. Following your department's notification, our office will give you access to the ACG form on Access.SMU.

If you or your advisor conclude at any point that your graduation needs to be postponed, please notify Phyllis Payne. You should file a new ACG for the next attempt.

Last day to file an ACG
Aug 29 Jan 23 Jun 5
Submit Optional Thesis/Dissertation Check

On or before this date, bring sample materials from theses or dissertations which include half page, title page, table of contents, one chapter, and a sample of figures, tables, references/bibliography. It is hoped this new step will avoid major problems or extensive corrections later.

For formatting instructions, please see the Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines.

Optional Thesis/Dissertation Check for Review
Oct 15 Mar 16  July 2
Submit Thesis/Dissertation to ORGS (First Check)

Bring the following items to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies no later than 5:00 PM:

  1. A paper copy of your thesis or dissertation
  2. A list of your committee members on the following form: Establishment of Examination Committee  
First Thesis/Dissertation Check Nov 17 Apr 13 Jul 9
Finish Oral/Written Comprehensive Exams

When the defense is successful, make any required revisions or additions (from faculty) to your thesis/dissertation for final submission.

Last Day to take Oral/Written Comprehensive Exams Dec 4
Apr 30
Aug 1
Submit Corrected Thesis/Dissertation (Revisions)

Submit a corrected copy as required by faculty and a corrected format copy to ORGS. When your advisor and committee have signed your signature page and the examination form, and ORGS has signed the release for the format, you are very close to being finished with the thesis/dissertation.

Off-campus login requires the following format:
smu\XXXXXXXX  (replace X's with your SMU ID)
Your SMU Password

Submit Electronically to ORGS

Second Thesis/Dissertation Check
Dec 1
May 4
Jul 18
Submit Electronic Thesis/Dissertation

All Ph.D. and Master's graduates of Dedman College will submit the final copy for University records electronically. Additionally, a PDF copy is required and must be submitted to the ORGS. The graduate can elect to order paper copies from UMI, as explained on the submission site.

Submit Electronically to UMI
Final Thesis/Dissertation Submission Dec 17
May 13 Aug 5
Submit Exit Survey

This exit survey is required from all Master's and PhD students; submissions will not be reviewed until after your degree is conferred. The SED survey is required for Ph.D. graduates.

Also, please check and update demographic information on Access.SMU.

Off-campus login to Inside.SMU requires the following:
smu\12345678  (replace with your SMU ID)
Your SMU Password

Take Exit Survey Take SED Survey (Ph.D. only)
Exit Survey Dec 17
May 13 Aug 5
Degrees Conferred

Use this date on your title and abstract.

Degrees Conferred Dec 20
May 16
Aug 5

Qualifying Exam

  1. Dean's Approval for Admission to Candidacy  
  2. Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Report  
  3. An unofficial transcript (from Access.SMU)

Forms for Graduation

Master's (non-thesis or en-route)

  1. Establishment of Examination Committee  
  2. Application for Candidacy (ACG) on Access.SMU (Please request access from Phyllis Payne)
  3. Written/oral Examination Report  

Master's (with thesis)

  1. Establishment of Examination Committee
  2. Application for Candidacy (ACG) on Access.SMU (Please request access from Phyllis Payne)
  3. Oral examination Report (master's)  


  1. Application for Candidacy (ACG) on Access.SMU (Please request access from Phyllis Payne)
  2. Establishment of Examination Committee  
  3. Ph.D. Examiniation Report  
  4. Signature Page (1st page in dissertation)