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Doctor of Ministry Course Information

January 2016   Instructor    Course Title 
DM 9307   Gilliam   Conflict Transformation in Congregational Life
DM 9368   Miller, W.    Ministry of Spiritual Guidance
DM 9323   Rieger   Theology between God and the Excluded
DM 9348   Cardoza-Orlandi   Mission and Ministry in a Global Perspective
DM 9344 Hawn Music in Worship and Renewal
XS 8321    Magallanes    Witness and Ministry in a Global Context (Immersion in Waco, TX)
DM 9014    Gilliam    Project I
DM 9019    Gilliam    Project II


Spring 2016   Instructor    Course Title 
DM 8000    MacDonald    Research 
DM 8049    MacDonald    Graduate Full Time Status (All D.Min. students are required to enroll in this course.) 
DM 9396    MacDonald    Practicum 
DM 9398    MacDonald    Project 


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