Lay Advisory Board

Lay Advisory Board

The Perkins Lay Advisory Board works with the office of Advanced Ministerial Studies, providing advice, counsel, and support for developing theological education programs to meet the needs of the laity for their ministry in church, community, vocation, and families, and to assist laity in their personal and spiritual growth. This includes assistance in the planning and execution of Perkins Theological School for the Laity. The Board also assists with development efforts for the Howard-Holbert Endowment Fund for lay theological education and selects the annual recipient of the Woodrow B. Seals Laity Award.

Members of the Perkins Lay Advisory Board are nominated during the annual Perkins Theological School for the Laity program in March at SMU and elected at the Board’s annual meeting in the spring.

Chairperson: Justin Swinford

Vice Chair: David Gerig

Secretary: Evelyn Glass

Current members of Perkins Lay Advisory Board

Emma Bolin
Sylvia Borchert
Lonnie Brooks
Charlene Fowler
John French
Becky French
Florence Higgins
David K. Johnson
Mark Larson
Nora Ortiz Fredrick
Tom Perkins
Jeff Scearce
Ron Watson
Helen Williams
Laura Young

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