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About Wiki.SMU

Wiki.SMU is an online documentation system that allows for collaboration and shared editing of articles.


  • Instructons/ How- to articles
  • Process documentation
  • Frequently-updated documents
  • Document versioning

Benefits of using Wiki.SMU

  • Wiki documentation is available on the web, from anywhere
  • Viewing and editing wiki pages can be restricted to certain network users and groups 
  • Information in one page can be used in other pages, making frequently-updated information easier to manage 
  • Documents are indexed and easily searchable 
  • Editing uses a simple graphical interface; pictures can be pasted directly into pages 
  • Wiki documents are versioned: changes are tracked over time

Requesting a Wiki

Faculty and staff may request a wiki for instructional or departmental usage. The request form can be completed via the Online Support Center.


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