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Office of Information Technology

Software Licensing

The following applications are available for Faculty and Staff Managed Computers. For machines managed by Cox or Engineering, please contact your local technical support for distribution information.

Application Name



Apps.SMU notes

Adobe Document Cloud Windows/Mac LANDesk Not Available
Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 Windows/Mac LANDesk Not Available
ArcGIS 10.2 Windows Request Not Available
CrashPlan Pro Windows/Mac/Linux LANDesk Not Available  
Eviews 9 Windows Request Available Faculty/Staff
FileMaker Pro 12 Windows/Mac Request Available  Faculty/Staff
GAMS Windows/Mac/Linux Request Not Available
HLM 7 Windows Request Not Available
Maple 18  Windows/Mac Request Not Available Request Pending
Mathematica 10
Windows/Mac Click Here  Not Available
Matlab 2015 Windows/Mac Vendor Website
(Contact the Help Desk for a license key)
Available  Faculty and Students
Microsoft Endpoint Protection Windows LANDesk Not Available  
Microsoft Office 2013 Windows LANDesk Not Available 2010 Available for Staff and Faculty   
Microsoft Office 2011 Mac LANDesk Not Available
Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Windows (Departmental Charge) Request Not Available
Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 Windows (Departmental Charge) Request Not Available
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Windows (Departmental Charge) Request Not Available
NAG Windows/Mac/Linux Vendor Website
(Contact the Help Desk for a license key)
Not Available
SAS 9.4 Windows Click Here Available  Limited version, most suited for student use but licensed for fac/staff/students
SAS JMP Professional 12 Windows/Mac Click Here Available  Faculty/Staff/Students
SPSS 23 Windows/Mac LANDesk Available  Faculty/Students
Splus 8.2 Windows Request Not Available
SPSS Amos 23 Windows LANDesk Available  Faculty/Students
SPSS Modeler 17 Windows LANDesk Available  Faculty/Students
STATA 14 Windows/Mac Request Available - Student Use Faculty/Staff

LANDesk Deployment Portal

All OIT Managed computers should have the LANDesk inventory agent installed by default.  This agent not only provides inventory tracking, but also assists in software deployment.  Applications that are available for faculty and staff to install without any additional cost are published to the deployment portal whenever possible.  This allows faculty and staff to install the software as needed and to choose the time of installation.

Accessing the Deployment Portal (Windows Machines)

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Programs
  3. Locate the LANDesk Management Folder
  4. Click the Portal Manager icon
  5. Click The Launchpad button. This will display all available applications for your computer. Check the software package you wish to install.
  6. Click the Launch button

If the deployment portal does not appear or does not list any applications, you may need to reinstall the LANDesk agent.  Please contact the help desk for assistance.

Deployment Portal for Macs

  1. Click the Chevron icon in the upper right menu bar
  2. Select LANDesk Workspace
  3. Select your software from the Software Catalog Page
  4. Click Install

Several software applications are available for faculty and staff but there are a limited number of licenses. These applications are not published to the LANDesk Deployment Portal to manage the licensing needs. If you need the application installed, submit a Get Help request.

  1. Login to When prompted to login, enter smu\smuid as the username.
  2. Click Additional Services
  3. Select the Software Application Request form
  4. Complete the required information
  5. Click Submit

Each request will be assigned to the appropriate group to authorize the installation for your SMU Computer.

For several applications, a license must be purchased before the application can be installed. Once you have purchased the software, do the following:

  1. Login to When prompted to login, enter smu\smuid as the username.
  2. Click Additional Services
  3. Select the Software Application Request form
  4. Complete the required information. Click Submit

Each year OIT processes dozens of software renewals during the month of July to prevent interruption of services during the semesters. OIT has worked with each  vendor to schedule these updates as strategically as possible.  Applications that are subject to annual license renewals typically involve purchase requisitions, and may even require updates and/or verification of written contracts. Although many of the renewals are invisible to the campus community, certain applications that require annual renewals will also have advanced license expiration notifications or prompts at the client, often seen when launching the application prior to renewals being finalized. Unless you are experiencing a loss of functionality, client expiration  notifications can be safely ignored, as OIT manages and processes these licenses for you!


SAS and SAS JMP annual license renewals:

SID (license files) are delivered to OIT each July once the renewal process has completed. These files are placed into the SAS Software Depot, and made available via a link within for manual download and renewal for all systems. Directions on how to run the manual license renewal can be found here.

Faculty and Staff may obtain copies of select software applications for installation on a home computer under the Work at Home rights.  This software must be removed from the home machines upon termination or retirement from the University.

Go to to purchase and download your copy of the software.


  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 upgrade disks
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2011

**Please note, the help desk has several copies of Windows 7, 8 and Office 2011 at a discounted price. Please purchase those CDs from us rather than purchasing them from VarsityBuys.


  • Creative Cloud


Sas 9.3 and JMP professional