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Student Employment

Student Employment

The Student Employment Office (SEO) partners with the Hegi Family Career Center, and faculty, the community, and University departments to create employment opportunities for students.

Over 1,400 students work on campus at SMU throughout the course of each year, in positions all across campus such as: office clerks, library clerks, dining hall and coffee shop help, research assistants for faculty members, website designers, intramurals referees, graders, lifeguards and more.

At SMU, we understand that students work for a variety of reasons. Some students are working to pay towards tuition and rent, others are working for experience or spending money. Each student is different, and it is part of our mission to help students balance their academic goals, social activities and part-time employment.

SMU utilizes the MustangTRAK ( job board to advertise all kinds of work opportunities.  Students can search for on-campus jobs, internships, local part-time jobs, and post-graduation career opportunities!

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SMU Student Employment
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Hegi Family Career Center
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