Students desiring to enter a health profession – whether as a physician, veterinarian, physical therapist, podiatrist, or optometrist – are encouraged to major in a subject of interest to them.* For example, SMU alumni who have or are attending medical schools throughout the United States have chosen majors in: Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Business, Chemistry, Economics, History, Engineering, History, Psychology, Spanish, as well as other majors among the many offered at SMU. You may want to consider a major in Earth Sciences, Philosophy, Medieval Studies, or Applied Physiology and Sports Management.

During the first year at SMU, a student has opportunities to work with his or her academic advisor to tailor a degree plan that meets individual needs such as: study abroad; incorporating minors like Biomedical Anthropology, Human Rights, and Women’s Studies; or, factoring in dual credit and/or AP credit.

Requirements for health professions schools vary; prerequisites are most similar among medical and dental schools. The suggested plan is not, however, a substitute for checking requirements for the health professions schools to which students intend to apply. Please schedule an appointment with the Director of Pre-Health Advising for more information.

*Note: Taking only the minimum science pre-requisites can reduce an applicant's competitiveness. Furthermore, while not actually requiring that students major in Biological Sciences, some dental schools admissions deans and directors highly recommend students take classes toward fulfillment of a Biological Sciences major. SMU pre-dental students should consider taking at least 2 of the following classes in addition to those listed on the suggested plan: Physiology, Cancer Biology, Microbiology and Parasitology.