Advising at SMU

Productive advising is built on a true partnership in which you and your advisor work together. The spirit of an ideal advising partnership is mutual engagement, responsiveness, and dedication. The advisors in the UAC strive to educate their advisees to be fully self-sufficient and responsible for their own academic decisions. Regular advising conversations—the fundamental building blocks of the partnerships—enable an advisor to serve as a source of knowledge and referrals and allow you to plan and prepare, in the broadest sense, over the course of your years at SMU.

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Your advisor will be expected to:

  • Explain university policies, regulations, programs, and procedures.
  • Be available to meet with you each semester during their regular office hours.
  • Advise you on course selection and assist you in developing an academic plan that satisfies your degree requirements.
  • Listen to your concerns and refer you to the appropriate support services if needed.
  • Assist you with making intentional academic decisions that will lead to the major you choose to pursue.
  • Guide you as you explore your interests, abilities, and passions as they relate to your academic and life goals.
  • Introduce you to all academic planning resources and teach you how to use them.

You will be expected to:

  • Take the initiative and contact your advisor in a timely manner.
  • Prepare a list of class ideas, questions, and concerns prior to each meeting.
  • Draft a tentative schedule prior to the enrollment period.
  • Observe academic deadlines.
  • Keep your advisor informed about your academic progress, course selection, and intellectual/career goals.
  • Keep a personal record of your progress toward your degree.
  • Plan ahead, ask questions, and engage in the advising process.