1. Go to the Manage Classes tile on my.SMU.
  2. Select the term for which you'd like to view the textbook list.
  3. Click View Textbooks towards the top of the page (right above Class Schedule Filter Options).
  1. From your Student Dashboard, click on Academics.
  2. Select Request Transfer Evaluation.
  3. Click the "Go" button to request the report.
  4. After you click "Ok," the Transfer Evaluation Report will be sent to your SMU email account.
  1. Expand the Enrollment section in your Student Dashboard and select Drop Classes.
  2. Select the appropriate term.
  3. Check the box next to the class you would like to drop.
  4. Click Drop in the top right.
  5. Confirm that you want to drop by clicking Drop.
  1. Expand the Advisor Information section in your Student Dashboard.
  2. Click on Advisor Information.

Some holds may prevent you from enrolling in classes. Here's how to determine what holds you have:

  1. Go to your Student Dashboard in my.SMU.
  2. Click on any items in the Holds section to view instructions to remove the hold.

Try to resolve all your holds well in advance of your enrollment time!

Here's how to determine the date and time you may begin enrolling in the next term's classes:

  1. Expand the Enrollment section on your Student Dashboard in my.SMU.
  2. Select Enrollment Dates.
  3. Select the appropriate term.
  1. Click the Enrollment section on your Student Dashboard and click Swap Classes. 
  2. Click the Swap This Class button to the right of the course you want to swap out of.
  3. Find a class to swap into: 
    1.  With class from Search: This option takes you to the Advanced Class Search to find the course.
    2. With class from Shopping Cart: If you already have the course in your Shopping Cart, use this option.
    3. With class from Class Number: If you know the exact class number, use this option. (Note: The class number is different from the course number.)
  4. Click the Swap button.
  5. If applicable, make any lab/lecture and waitlist selections.
  6. Confirm that your selections are correct and click Confirm.
Your Degree Progress Report (DPR) details the progress you are making toward fulfilling your SMU degree. It is viewable through my.SMU by expanding the Academics section of your Student Dashboard and clicking on Degree Progress

For assistance reading and understanding your DPR, you may visit with your academic advisor. You may also find additional information in the Understanding the DPR document provided by OIT.

If a course you're interested in is waitlisted, follow these steps to add yourself to the waitlist:

  1. Follow the steps to enroll in the course. After clicking on Enroll, a popup titled "Enrollment options" will appear.
  2. Make sure the "Wait list if class is full" box is checked.
  3. If you want to drop out of a another course if you are successfully enrolled from the waitlist, use the drop-down box to select the course. If you don't want to drop any courses if you're enrolled in the waitlisted course, leave the drop-down blank.
  4. Click Save.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Waitlisted courses count towards your maximum hours.
  • You will not be notified if you are enrolled in the class from the waitlist so please monitor your schedule.
  • You won't be enrolled in the course if you don't meet the course requirements or have a scheduling conflict (unless you utilized the drop-down box to swap out of the conflicting course).
  • If you are enrolled in one section of a course and on the waitlist for another section, you will not move off the waitlist unless you utilize the drop-down box. 
  • The waitlist will run through the fifth day of class during the fall and spring terms and the first day of class during the summer term.
  1. Expand the Enrollment section in your Student Dashboard and select Shopping Cart.
  2. Select the appropriate term.
  3. Expand the Add Class button and select Advanced Class Search.
  4. Enter your search terms, then click Search.
  5. A list of available classes will appear. Once you find an open section you would like to enroll in, click the vertically aligned ellipsis and select Enroll if you're ready to enroll or Add to Cart if you want to add the course to your Shopping Cart. (Note: Select Add to Cart if the course requires a corequisite.)
  6. If a lab section is required, follow steps 4 and 5, using the Add to Cart selection.
  7. If you utilized the Add to Cart option, the class will now be added to your shopping cart. To finish enrolling, go to your Shopping Cart (step 1 above), select the course(s) you want to enroll in, and select Enroll.

If there are empty seats in the class and no prior departmental consent is required, you will receive a confirmation of enrollment. If you receive an error message, check the enrollment restrictions for the class to see if you meet the criteria.