Majors & Minors FAQ

Some majors have specific subset requirements you need to complete before you can apply/declare that major. To view the subset for majors outside of Cox, go to the SMU Catalog, click on your school, then, under your major, click on Go to information for this school/college.

If you’ve already successfully completed your subset requirements, you need to fill out a Major Declaration Form with your academic advisor in the UAC.

After you’ve declared a major with your UAC academic advisor, you may declare your second major and/or a minor with your School of Record (Dedman, Meadows, Cox, or Simmons). You cannot add a minor before declaring your major.
To view the admissions requirements for Cox, go to the SMU Catalog of your year of entry. Click on Cox School of Business, then Go to information for this school/college, and then Admission.

Always have a back-up plan for any major you are interested in. If you don’t meet the subset requirements for a major of interest, speak with your academic advisor about your other academic and career options. In addition, you may visit with a Career Counselor in the Hegi Family Career Center about requirements for jobs you’re interested in and begin exploring the different majors SMU offers.
Your major requirements are listed in the SMU Catalog of your year of entry (if you started in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019, you are under the 2018-2019 Catalog). To view your major requirements, go to Majors and Minors to view a list of all SMU majors and minors and then click on your major. You may also go to the school your major is under (for example, if you are an Advertising major, click on Meadows School of the Arts) and find your major from there.
That’s OK! Use your UC/CC requirements and electives as a way to explore possible majors. You may also visit with the Hegi Family Career Center to help narrow down your options.