Common Curriculum FAQ

SMU requires that each student is proficient in a world language at the intermediate level (equal to one year of language study at the university level). For many students, they need to complete 1-2 semesters of a language. If you received a 4 or 5 on an AP language exam or speak English as your second language, please talk with your academic advisor and review information on the Word Language & Literatures site.

If you have experience in one language, but want to start a new language – that’s great! You may certainly take a new language. Talk with your academic advisor for assistance getting enrolled.
To determine what CC requirements you still need to complete, log-on to my.SMU, expand the Academics section and click on Degree Progress. Your Degree Progress Report (DPR) will appear on the screen. To view a list of requirements that haven't been satisfied yet, check the box next to Hide Satisfied Requirements.
Students under the CC can search for courses by course prefix or CC component here.

The number of hours it requires for each student to complete the CC varies based on major, course selections, and any credits they brought to SMU from high school or college. If you take a unique course for each requirement that’s outside your major/minor, students can expect to take 51-62 hours for their CC requirements. However, many classes overlap with major, minor, and/or multiple CC requirements, so you can strategically fulfill CC requirements with fewer classes.

No, you do not need to complete the CC in your first year! In fact, for most students, that would be impossible. Focus on taking a few CC requirements each semester and talk with your academic advisor about how to maximize any requirements your major courses may cover.