Financial Benefits

What does the President's Scholarship cover?

Please see below for details on the many opportunities provided for President's Scholars:

The President’s Scholarship will cover tuition and fees for eight (8) consecutive fall and spring academic semesters or graduation, whichever comes first. If a student takes graduate level courses through the Four plus One (4+1) program at SMU, scholars can request for their President's Scholarship to cover graduate school classes as long as they are within their eight (8) semesters.  Permission must be granted in advance. The President’s Scholarship cannot be extended to a fifth year. General Fees do not include special fees that are included with some course work. The President’s Scholarship does not pay for books, computers, mandatory health insurance, or parking.

The Campus Community Award, separate from the President’s Scholarship, pays for room and board on campus under certain conditions, including the requirement of active engagement in community life.

“Room” is defined as any Residential Commons/double occupancy only on campus, in the Thomas House, in the Multicultural House, or in the Service House. The Campus Community Award does not pay for Greek Housing, SMU apartments, single rooms, or any off-campus living.

“Board” is defined as SMU Meal Plans: The Works plus $200 Flex, or Block 150 plus $500 Flex. First-years and sophomores are required to choose The Works plus $200 Flex only; juniors and seniors can choose one of the two plans listed above. Seniors also have the option to choose Senior Block 50 plus $500 Flex.

The President’s Scholarship will cover tuition for an SMU-approved program. The President’s Scholarship also covers round-trip airfare. President’s Scholars are responsible for paying any deposits or commitment fees as well as room and board. Airline reservations must be booked through an SMU travel agent. Please email if you have any questions about the study abroad benefits.
The President’s Scholarship does not cover summer courses on SMU campuses or courses during Jan Term. The Office of Financial Aid can provide some scholarship support under certain conditions. If you are planning on participating in summer courses, you will be required to complete a summer application and enroll in, and complete, six hours to be eligible for institutional aid. Please see your financial aid advisor to review your summer aid eligibility.
Students who are unable to study abroad during the fall or spring semester may request an exception to policy. Students with approved exceptions may request to use their academic year travel support, room & board, and tuition for the Taos campus during an intersession or summer course experience. Support for this SMU-in-Taos option will preclude support for any education abroad program.