Clinton Global Initiative University

image of President Bill Clinton and student participants in the Clinton Global Initiative University

Become a Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) Commitment Maker in 2024!

The Office of Engaged Learning coordinates the CGIU program at SMU. SMU undergraduate and graduate students can apply to join a growing global community of over 12,500 social entrepreneurs who are all working to solve some our world’s most pressing issues. 

SMU's CGIU Commitment Makers receive

  • Up to $1500 to fund their Commitment to Action Project
  • Funding to attend the CGIU annual meeting


"Over the course of the program, selected rising leaders participate in trainings, modules, and tailored events that help formulate their ideas and provide the necessary resources, feedback, and tools to transform their ideas into action."


CGIU offers

  • A 10-month, three module early-stage social impact curriculum
  • Personalized mentorship with successful social entrepreneurs
  • Early-stage seed funding and accelerators
  • CGI U’s annual meeting, which convenes hundreds of student commitment-makers, alumni, university representatives, topic experts, and high-profile individuals
  • Peer collaboration with global exchange of ideas, comprised of diverse students from over 80 countries, and across all types of higher education institutions

Application Process

The deadline for CGIU 2024 is March 15, 2024. Contact our office at for help with your application

On the application, be prepared with the following:

  • Title of your project (10 words)
  • Brief Description (25 words)
  • Commitment to Action (1100 words)
    • A comprehensive description of your project and the issue and community it will address
    • Strategic partners that you plan to work with
    • Your vision of a successfully completed and executed Commitment to Action.
  • How is your Commitment to Action NEW (1100 words)
    How does your project address an unmet need in a new way? What projects or organizations currently exist? *
  • How is your Commitment to Action SPECIFIC (1100 words)
    What specific community are you hoping to support, and how do you plan to incorporate their perspectives? What are your key goals, objectives, and performance indicators to validate success? What is your expected timeline?
  • How is your Commitment to Action MEASURABLE (1100 words)
    How do you plan to measure and evaluate the impact of your project? Please outline what benchmarks you’ll use to measure progress towards your expected outcomes and define your short and long-term goals.


To learn more about how to apply, attend one of the Clinton Foundation's webinars and  email for support in drafting and finalizing your application for submission.

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