Big iDeas Winners

Business Plan Competition Winners 2024

InternSurf founder Benjamin Omoregbe with his big check


Founder: Benjamin Omoregbe ’24
LectureLogger founder Jude Lugo with his big check


Founder: Jude Lugo '24
Prevo founder Ryder McNeal with his big check


Founder: Ryder McNeal '24
Seed founder Mason Dierks with his big check


Founder: Mason Dierkes '27

Steadispoon founder Mason Morland with his big check


Co-founder: Mason Morland '24
Active Mind Initiative founders with their big check

The Active Mind Initiative

Co-founders: Anish Senthikumar ’25 and Vedang Uniyal ’24
Timio News founder Joshua Baier with his big check

Timio News

Founder: Joshua Baier '24

Big iDeas Pitch Contest 2023 Winners

Atrion Sorrells, founder of A Style, with big check from Big iDeas

A'Style Productions

Founder: Atrion Sorrells '24.

A'Style Productions is something that I built as an only child who grew up in a single parent home to motivate and inspire other African Americans to break the stigma, and be who they aspire to be. A'Style stands for Actively Supporting Talented Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Rahit Patnala, founder of Cubed, with big check from Big iDeas


Founder: Rohit Patnala '23

Develop an innovative multimedia discovery platform, fusing Creativity and Technology, designed to provide personalized inspiration and resources across diverse creative domains such as music, fashion, art, and beyond, revolutionizing users' artistic pursuits. Think of it as a cutting-edge Pinterest, shaped by user input and offering a holistic multimedia platform.

Speed Gregory, founder of Headstart, with big check from Big iDeas


Founder: Speed Gregory '23

My project is a website that serves as a one stop shop for high school and college students to find job shadow opportunities.

Jude Lugo, founder of Lecture Logger, with big check from Big iDeas


Founder: Jude Lugo '25

LectureLogger is an attendance tracking solution built for universities. It uses a dynamic QR code system for effortless, secure check-ins with comprehensive attendance reporting, enhancing classroom efficiency and boosting student learning outcomes.

Zain Dhatwani of Mantra and Co., with big check from Big iDeas

Mantra and Co

Founder: Nrithi Subramanian '25

Pictured: team member Zain Dhatwani

We are a service-based apparel and accessories brand seeking to encompass the South Asian diaspora into our products. Our focus is not only to create unity within the South Asian community, while spotlighting cultural practices, histories, and impacts. While our product highlights South Asians, it can be worn by anyone.

Yaw Boateng, founder of PerunaBot, with big check from Big iDeas


Founder: Yaw Boateng '27

AI chatbot that tells students about all the resources on campus. There are so many resources and so many channels for students to track that it becomes like information overload and they just end up not knowing about it.

Ryder McNeal, founder of PREVO, with big check from Big iDeas

PREVO Streaming

Founder: Ryder McNeal '24

PREVO is an (already built) streaming platform dedicated to showing a curated catalogue of independent or student-made films from across the country.

Eric Vu, founder of Quizlog, with big check from Big iDeas


Founder: Eric Vu '25

Quizlog is an innovative study companion driven by the powerful GPT-3.5 AI, enhancing students' learning with photo-based study guides and interactive flashcards. Professors can effortlessly transform lecture content into engaging quizzes, fostering collaborative learning and bridging the gap between educators and students throughout their academic journey.

Trevor Gicheru, founder of Reflectly AI, with big check from Big iDeas

Reflectly AI Inc

Founder: Trevor Gicheru '25

An AI-powered app that acts as a personalized study companion for students to help improve learning outcomes.

Kennedy Honors, founder of Sallie's Halo, with big check from Big iDeas

Sallie's Halo

Founder: Kennedy Honors '25

Sallie's Halo is a family support foundation that provides services to families of cancer patients in treatment, recovery, and transition. Our mission is to pull families closer together and mitigate the experience of suffering and loss. Working with families to minimize the negative impacts of illness, in particular cancer, we will provide companionship, connection, comradery, privacy, advocacy, counseling, meals, transportation, activities, financial assistance, spaces for reflection, spiritual guidance, scholarships, and educational workshops for coping.

SMU Big ideas logo on a lightbulb in a blue circle

Founder: Bernadette Cruz '27

We plan to develop a mobile and web application for individuals suffering through addiction, trauma and illness. The platform will have chat, voice and video call and an algorithm that will connect patients with those of similar age and condition in order to help them build an "empathetic network" and improve mental health.

Nick Ludwig, founder of Spotter, with big check from Big iDeas


Nick Ludwig '24

Spotter is a social fitness network that connects students through fitness and athletics.

Tiffany Jones, founder of the Next Chapter, with big check from Big iDeas

The Next Chapter

Founder: Tiffany Jones '23

The Next Chapter is a collection of resources for children aging out of foster care in one, easy to use and understand platform. It would also connect those aging out with advocate that would really help them focus on their specific needs and help them reach their goals.