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South Dallas (Unlabeled)

Dallas Aerial Photographs, 1930 Fairchild Survey

The 93 images in the Dallas Historic Aerial Photographs, 1930 Fairchild Survey digital collection represent a complete set of air images commissioned by the City of Dallas and photographed by Sherman Mills Fairchild flying out of Love Field in October of 1930. While several libraries house some or all of the 1930 prints, no known set of the original negatives exists.

	Mid-Town Business District - Dallas, Tex. (unlabeled)

Miscellaneous Aerial Views of Dallas, 1930s-1940s

There are 41 aerial views in the Miscellaneous Aerial Views of Dallas, 1930s-1940s collection, representing photographs taken by Lloyd Long in the 1930s and 1940s. The photographs include various images of Dallas, Mountain Creek Lake, White Rock Lake, and the Trinity River, including two aerial surveys (multiple photographs that fit together to make one overall image) of White Rock Lake and the White Rock Creek area.

NW HWY - Inwood Road [unlabeled]

Aerial Photos of the Northern Part of Dallas, Texas

Aerial photos of the northern part of Dallas, Texas, east of Love Field, west of White Rock Lake, and north of Beverly Drive were taken by Lloyd M. Long ca. 1940. Areas shown include Highland Park and University Park.

Grid 07 close up showing SMU campus, 1945

Dallas Aerial Photographs, 1945 USDA Survey

There are 16 pairs of images in the Dallas Aerial Photographs, 1945 USDA Survey digital collection that portray various locations in the Dallas metropolitan area as well as Irving, Grand Prairie, and Hutchins. The original photographs were taken by the Army Air Forces for the United States Department of Agriculture and were developed by the Western Aerial Photographic Laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah. The purpose of the photographs was to survey farmland, which covered large portions of the Dallas area at the time.