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Bible. German.
Nuremberg: Koberger.


Bible. Latin. Vulgate. 31 leaves.
Mainz: Gutenberg.


A. de Clavassio. Suma angelica
de casibus conscientiae.
Nuremberg: Koberger. 1488.


Ars Moriendi.
Leipzig: Lotter.


Giovanni Balbi. Catholicon.
Mainz: Gutenberg.


F. Antoninus. Chronicon.
Nuremberg: Koberger

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Holding library: Bridwell Library

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06845Special Collections holds more than 1,090 incunables, books printed in Europe with moveable type before 1501. The majority of these are in the fields of theology, classical literature, history, and philosophy. More than one-third of these titles are the first printed editions or the first translations of the texts. Nine languages are represented, and more than 60 different printing towns. More than 120 of the editions include woodcut illustrations, and approximately 160 copies retain their fifteenth-century bindings. All are available for study in Bridwell Library’s Decherd Turner Reading Room.

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