Frequently Asked Questions about our Request for Proposals




1.Can I submit more than one project? Yes. 
2.My project is already started, and I require additional funding to complete it. Can I still submit my proposal? You can submit it as long as your research is within one of the two key research areas we are focusing on this year and your budget does not exceed $15,000. 
3.What type of projects are you looking for? Asides from the explanation in the RFP, you can read some examples of projects we have funded in previous years here.




3.What is the Request for Funding Application format? It’s one of the documents we require in order to receive your proposals. You can download it here.
4.Will you consider my research proposal if I send it in Spanish? No, we will only take into consideration projects submitted in English.




For Budget template download it here.


5.Do I have to use your budget template, or can I use my own? You must use our own, click link above if you don't have it yet. 
6.Will you consider my project if I don’t include a budget? No, we will not. A budget is crucial for us to figure out how many projects we will be able to fund.
7.You mention the maximum award available is up to $15,000 per grant. What do you mean by that? This means that we will not consider proposals over $15,000. We will consider projects of up to $15,000 and below.  
8.Are there restrictions in the things I can budget for? Yes, there is a restriction, and that is equipment, whether for rental or to buy.




9.Do your grants allow for overhead cost? We allow up to 5% overhead cost
10.Does that 5% refer to overhead costs that would go to my institution, not directly to the research? Yes, it refers to costs that would go to your institution.