Consortium of Southwest Centers

The Clements Center initiated the formation of  a Consortium for Southwest Studies consisting of similar centers throughout the region.  The Journal of the Southwest, published at the University of Arizona, and The Journal of Southwestern American Literature, published at Texas State University, will now appear as publications sponsored by the new consortium. The directors of the respective centers are linked via e-mail and hope to exchange ideas as well as publications.

Members in addition to the  the Clements Center are:

Austin College: Center for Southwestern and Mexican Studies

Colorado College:  Hulbert Center for Southwestern Studies

Fort Lewis College: Center of Southwest Studies

The Southwest Center, University of Arizona

Texas State University:  Center for the Study of the Southwest

Texas Tech University: Center for the Southwest

University of New Mexico:  Center for Southwest Research

University of Texas at Arlington:  Center for Greater Southwestern Studies and the History of Cartography