Kate Carté Engel

2016 - 2017 Writing Fellow

The Cause of True Religion


Kate Carté Engel, Associate Professor of History in the William P. Clements Department of History at SMU, is completing a manuscript about how the American Revolution transformed international Protestant communities, and the idea of religion itself. Her story follows protestants in many places—the rebelling colonies, Nova Scotia, Scotland, England, and Germany—to explore how fellow believers explained the war in their midst and used their faiths to justify their governments’ actions.

Engel is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies specializing in early American and Atlantic religion. Prior to coming to SMU in 2012, she was an associate professor of history and Rothrock Fellow at Texas A&M University. Her research and teaching interests center on the role of religion in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world, especially as it intersects with political and economic developments.