Firsthand History

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"Firsthand History" is a podcast from the SMU Center for Presidential History that combines two things we hope to promote: primary-source oral histories, and engaging storytelling. Each season of "Firsthand History" will tell a story about a major topic from the era of the George W. Bush presidency. Every episode will do this by featuring oral histories from our Collective Memory Project - firsthand stories told by the people who were there, including U.S. government officials, leaders from foreign countries, journalists, scholars, and more.


Season 1: Cross Currents

Cross Current Podcast

In "Cross Currents," CPH fellow LaiYee Leong explores the relationship--and tension--that developed between the United States and its longtime NATO ally Norway after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Based on more than a dozen interviews with U.S. and Norwegian officials, this podcast tells the story of allies who had to navigate a friendly diplomatic relationship while at cross currents with one another over the best ways to achieve their diplomatic and security goals in the world.