Kimberly Kagan

Interview with Kimberly Kagan



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Biographical Note:

During the Surge decision-making process, Kimberly Kagan worked as adjunct professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University. Dr. Kagan earned her Ph.D. in History from Yale University, and held postdoctoral fellowships at Harvard's Olin Institute for Strategic Studies and in Yale University's International Security Studies program. Founder and President of the Institute for the Study of War, and a regular participant in official strategic assessments of the U.S. military presence in the Middle East during the 2000s, Dr. Kagan is widely considered an expert on military history, national security, and military strategy and assessment.


Kimberly Kagan, interview by Aaron Crawford and Tim Sayle, 26 June 2015. "The Surge" Collective Memory Project, Center for Presidential History, Southern Methodist University.