Timothy Sayle

Timothy Sayle


Timothy Andrews Sayle is Assistant Professor (Modern Global Security) in the Department of History and is Director of the International Relations Program at the University of Toronto. He is currently completing a history of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) from 1949 through the end of the Cold War and beyond. He is also a principal co-investigator and editor of the Center for Presidential History’s Collective Memory Project examining President George W. Bush’s decision to “surge” troops to Iraq in 2007. His next project considers the international and transnational sources of policy toward nuclear weapons – both armament and disarmament.

Dr. Sayle is a Senior Fellow of the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History and a Fellow of the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University. His research on NATO, Canadian-American relations, and intelligence issues has been published in the International Journal, Cold War History, Canadian Military History, and Intelligence & National Security. He tweets about history and international affairs @TimSayle.







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