William Morehead

William Morehead


William Morehead

Name: William Morehead
Major: Economics
Graduation Year:2017

"My name is William Morehead. I’m from St. Louis, MO, and I majored in economics with a minor in Chinese. After graduation, I began work with Sowell & Co, a small private equity, oil & gas, and real estate firm, and I am currently a data analyst on the real estate team."

Why did you choose to minor in a World Language?

I chose to minor in Mandarin Chinese to not only learn the learn the language, but also to understand the nuances of Chinese culture. International business is a career path I want to embark on and being able to minor in a language at SMU exposed me to China and everything it has to offer.

How do you think studying a foreign language helped to prepare you for your career?

Studying Chinese helped my analytical skills by teaching me to break down the details or a character or sentence in order to understand the bigger picture. Also, every class there was an emphasis on collaboration. Group projects and presentations helped me develop leadership and public speaking skills that have translated into my current role at work.

What advice do you have for other students thinking about majoring or minoring in a foreign language? 

Don't get discouraged by taking a foreign language. The constant trial and error of learning a new language helps prepare you for the real-world challenges you'll face after graduation when searching for and working your first job.