Will Jones

Will Jones

Name: Will Jones
Majors: Finance/German
Graduation Year: 2018

“After graduation, I will be participating in a Fulbright ETA in Germany.”

Why did you choose to major in German? 

I fell in love with German after visiting in high school and taking beginning German my freshman year. 

How do you think studying a foreign language helped to prepare you for your career?

It has honestly set me on the path of my life. I'll be moving to Germany in September and using my major every day. Because of my major, I am now considering graduate/doctoral work. 

What advice do you have for other students thinking about majoring or minoring in a foreign language? 

Do it! There are no cons. A second language will make you a more well-rounded, intelligent, and communicative individual. Entering any field, a language can only help, and I believe will one day be necessary.