2021-22 Cluster Events

Spring 2022

Meeting 3 - Thursday, February 24, 3:00-4:30 Central: “Putting your Languages to Work Part I: Panel of HR Professionals ”

The advantages and soft skills that bilingual candidates bring to an organization, and why students who minor or major in languages make good hires.
This event is part of SMU’s Global Literacy and Languages for Specific Purposes research initiative thatunites faculty from a range of academic and professional disciplines to discuss and define a set ofshared goals and best practices to provide students with real-world, global perspectives andtransferable skills aligned with skills employers seek in the contemporary workplace.

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Meeting 4 - Wednesday, March 30, 12:00-1:30 PM Central: Putting your Languages to Work: Part II: SMU alumni panel

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Meeting 5 - (May 2022): Two-week MOPI (Modified OPI certification workshop). Limited to 10 cluster participants who completed the Spring 2021 OPI familiarization workshop. Prerequisite: Previous attendance at the cluster’s OPI Workshop and/or currently certified OPI testers. 

MOPI Schedule:
May 11-17: Asynchronous Online Course Module Work Modules 1-3 (7-10 hours)
May 19: First Synchronous Discussion Session (1.5 hours)
May 18 - 24: Asynchronous Online Course Module Work Modules 4-6 (7-10 hours)
May 26: Second Synchronous Discussion Session (1.5 hours)
Week of May 30, 2022: Interview Sessions (One full day or Two half days)

Fall 2021

Meeting 1 (Roundtable): Monday, October 4, 3-4 pm Central - "Re-imagining the language lab"


Meeting 2 (Webinar): November 12, 2:30-4 pm Central: - "Implementing LSP activities in the classroom"