Global Literacy and Languages for Specific Purposes

The Research Cluster on "Global Literacy and Languages for Specific Purposes: Curricular design for building transferable skills" unites faculty from a range of disciplines to discuss and define shared goals and best practices to provide students with global perspectives and transferable skills aligned with skills employers seek in the contemporary workplace. The cluster explores ways in which the department of World Languages and Literatures can facilitate the design and implementation of interdisciplinary, context-specific programs that respond to employer needs and promote cross-cultural communication skills. Topics of discussion  include curricular innovation, academic and corporate partnerships for internships and field work abroad and at home, and the assessment of SMU’s Common Curriculum requirements, with a focus on the integration of world languages and cultures for professional purposes across the curriculum.

Please contact the cluster organizers if you would like to join the group, or collaborate on a workshop: 

Paola Buckley, Senior Lecturer of French, director of SMU-in-France

Aria Cabot, World Languages and Literatures Teaching and Technology Center Director, co-director of SMU-in-Tuscany

Spring 2024 Events

Meeting of the Texas Joint Committee for Language (TJCL)

With sponsorship from Avant Assessment and the Region 10 Education Service Center, our cluster will host the inaugural meeting of the Texas Joint Committee for Language (TJCL), an initiative aimed at advancing language education across the state of Texas. The meeting will unite K-20 representatives from world language programs  with the common goal of furthering language education in the state of Texas, breaking down unintentional silos between K-12 and Higher Ed language programs, and fostering collaboration among educators, administrators, and other stakeholders. With the overall vision to articulate K-20 pathways for language students, ensuring a seamless transition from primary and secondary education to institutions of higher learning, the event will bring together participants from 9 different higher ed institutions and 15 K-12 representatives from 10 different districts. Executive board members from the Texas Foreign Language Association (TFLA) and the Texas Association for Language Supervision (TALS) will also be present.   

Date: February 8, 2024

Time: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Location: Laura Lee Blanton Room 110/112

Southern Methodist University (SMU)


Third Annual Putting your Languages to Work Alumni Panel (April 10, 2024)



Fall 2023 Events


Poster for SMU DCII Lunch and Learn: September 19 at 1 PM, visit