Internship Opportunities

All students are encouraged to secure at least one internship experience during their time as an undergraduate at SMU. Internships provide a valuable opportunity to get to know an industry or a particular occupation, and can help students to establish lasting networks in their fields of interest.

Students can secure an internship placement on their own, or they can use the Hegi Career Center to find an experience off-campus. Faculty in the Department of Sociology can also help students identify on-campus internship experiences.

Internships can be completed during the summer or academic school year. Students can earn up to three hours of academic credit when they enroll in a supervised internship course (SOCI 4379: MKCL Internship or SOCI 4398: Sociology Internship). For a truly unique internship experience, students may enroll in a summer internship course while taking classes at SMU in Taos.

Ideally students will be paid while completing an internship.  However, many companies only offer unpaid experiences. Students requiring financial assistance in completing an internship should consider applying for sources of financial support from SMU programs such as The Maguire Center's fellowship program and Engaged Learning.