Life After Graduation

While most majors will choose to go directly into the labor force, many students decide to pursue an advanced degree. Regardless of which path our students choose, it is vital that they begin considering their options prior to or during their junior year. 

Graduate or Professional School

Popular advanced degree programs for majors:

  • Sociology Majors: law school, public policy, human resource management, counseling, nonprofit management, social work, and doctorate programs in sociology

  • Markets and Culture Majors: business school, international or foreign affairs

Tips for those interested in attending graduate or professional school:

  • Attend the Sociology Department's Introduction to Graduate School Seminar

  • Communicate your interest to faculty members and our advisor, Professor DeArman, so they can help you prepare your application materials

  • Study for and take graduate school exams before the end of junior year

Little Known Facts:

  • SMU alumni have been awarded considerable financial support to attend graduate school in the last few years.

  • Several SMU advanced degree programs allow students to earn credit towards their advanced degrees while enrolled as an undergraduate.

  • Since 2010, more students have gone abroad to complete their advanced degrees and extend their global experiences.

Career Resources

Students are strongly encouraged to explore and expand their career options with career counselors at the Hegi Career Center throughout their time at SMU. Many career fairs, career development workshops, and networking events are hosted each semester through the Career Center, as well as the Sociology Department and various other programs.&

Students should connect with faculty and SMU alumni on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. In addition to providing virtual networks, the department also organizes alumni networking events throughout the year to help connect students with employers and employees in their fields of interest. Finally, we recommend that students spend time researching their fields of interest in order to gain a better understanding of their career options.  The American Sociological Association provides research briefs detailing where sociology majors get jobs nationally.