Matthew R. Keller

Associate Professor


Office Location

Hyer Hall 306C




Ph.D. University of California, Davis
My research revolves around innovation, institutional change and the role of government. The main strand of my work concerns the organization of innovation systems and innovation policy. Recent works have explored the government's role in the U.S. innovation system; innovation and industrial policies in an era of "networked" production; green energy policy and innovation; and institutional change in national innovation systems. A second strand of work explores historical patterns in government responses to episodes of mass violence, focusing on the questions of how democratic governments explain violent outbreaks, and how they justify police or military violence when it is used to quell political protests and social movements.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Economic sociology
  • Political economy
  • Organizations and institutions
  • Technological innovation
  • Historical and comparative sociology

Selected Publications

Grants, Awards and Affiliations

  • Co-organizer, Network on Knowledge, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (KITE) for the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
  • HOPE Award (Honoring Our Professors of Excellence), SMU, 2015
  • Economic Stimulus and Innovation Capacity at the Department of Energy. NSF Science of Science and Innovation Policy Program (SciSIP) (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • Best Paper in Socio-Economic Review, 2009, "Where do Innovations Come From? Changes in the U.S. Economy, 1970-2006"


Mathew Keller