What Do Religious Studies Majors Do After Graduation?


"My Religious Studies degree is an asset as a journalist."

Wesleigh Ogle, KATU News in Portland, OR.


"My religious studies major set me up for success in the business world. It also made me the person that I am today."

Terrance Alexander works at Liberty Mutual Insurance in Boston, MA.


"My Religious Studies professors helped me be a better student, leader, writer, and teacher."

Robert Perales is Associate Pastor at First United Methodist Church of McAllen in McAllen, TX.


"Without SMU (and my Religious Studies degree) I would not be where I am today."

Rev. Lindsay Geist, Owner and Therapist at Seeds of Hope Counseling in Atlanta, GA.


"My Religious Studies degree made me a critical thinker and a better writer."

Rev. Patrick Littlefield is a resident pastor at Union Coffee in Dallas, TX.


"My Religious Studies background has helped me personally and professionally."

Meagan Enriquez is an Assistant District Attorney in San Antonio, TX.