Natalie Readnour

Graduate Student in Religion and Culture


Natalie was born and raised in Richardson, Texas and attended Austin College (Sherman, Texas) where she received a B.A. in Religious Studies and Sociology in 2020. Natalie received her Master of Divinity from the Boston University School of Theology in 2023. As early as her freshmen year in college, Natalie realized her immense passion and interest for understanding immigration related issues, specifically at the Texas-Mexico border. Being of Mexican-American descent raised in Texas, the border had always been central in her social, political, and cultural milieu. During her time in seminary, Natalie became increasingly interested in border related issues and their impact on the religiosity and theological understandings of immigrant communities. Natalie also held a year-long internship at the Massachusetts Immigration and Refugee Coalition, where she completed a project chronicling the efforts of faith-based organizations providing support for immigrants and refugees in the Boston-area. At SMU, Natalie wants to examine the colonizing effects of migration and borders on Tejano understanding of their identities and culture. By understanding the profound impact of borders on the Tejano community’s sense of belonging and identity as they are caught in-between two cultures, Natalie hopes to retrieve specifically Mexican ways of understanding culture, identity and the divine.


Course Advisor: Dr. Harold J. Recinos


Fellowships and Awards:


2023-2024 Hispanic Theological Initiative En Conjunto Fellowship