Daniel Adam Lightsey

Graduate Candidate in Systematic Theology




Daniel grew up in the timbered hills above Tanyard Creek in Arkansas. He belongs to his bewitching Junior High crush, and they are in the possession of two boys. He is a doctoral candidate in Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University and a graduate fellow of the Northwestern University Research Initiative in Russian Philosophy, Literature, and Religious Thought. His dissertation has to do with the theology of beauty in relation with the metaphysics of the person in Sergii Bulgakov (1871-1944), all with a wider view to how human creativity was theologically understood within 19th-20th century Russian religious-philosophical-literary thought. 

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. D. Steve Long

Dissertation Title: "'When You Consider the Radiance': Sergii Bulgakov, Beauty, Persons"


“‘Le style c’est l’homme’: Vladimir Nabokov, Sergii Bulgakov, & the Artist’s Exploit,” Northwestern University Studies in Russian Philosophy, Literature, and Religious Thought 1. Forthcoming.


Book Review. Sergii Bulgakov, Philosophy of the Name. Translated by Thomas Allan Smith. Ithaca: Northern Illinois University, 2022. Reading Religion (Jan. 2024). https://readingreligion.org/9781501765650/


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Respondent: Ted Smith, Chicago, Illinois (January 5-8, 2023), *In Absentia*


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Fellowships, Awards, and Service to the Profession:


2023   Graduate Seminar Fellow, Lumen Christi Institute, “Truth and Authority in Augustine's City of God,” University of California, Berkeley.


2022-present  Graduate Fellow, Northwestern University Research Initiative in Russian Philosophy, Literature, and Religious Thought.


2022 Archival Research, Slavonic Library, National Library of the Czech Republic.


2022 Fellow, Russian Area of the Department of World Languages and Literatures Fellowship, SMU (viaRussian AV Mamantov School): Prague, Czech Republic.


2021-2023 Colloquy Chair, SMU Graduate Program of Religious Studies Student Organization