M.A. Degree Requirements

The M.A. degree is a terminal degree, ordinarily directed toward the nonprofessional student interested in advanced work in religious studies within the context of the liberal arts and sciences.

The student is encouraged to develop an area of concentration in his or her 18 hours of undesignated coursework. A maximum of six credit hours may be taken in independent study courses. Concentrations in areas of scholarship represented primarily in the Department of Religious Studies in Dedman College are especially welcome. Students whose main interests are in areas represented in the typical theological curriculum are advised to consider the Master of Theological Studies degree in Perkins School of Theology as an alternative to the M.A. degree in the Graduate Program in Religious Studies.

  • Satisfactory completion of 30 credit hours of approved coursework, including the four courses of the core seminar in Religious Studies: RELI 6301 The Philosophical Study of Religion; RELI 6302 Approaches to Asian Religion; RELI 6303 History, Theory and Method in Religious Studies; and RELI 6304 Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Religion.
  • Demonstrating, by examination, a reading competence in an approved language, other than English, relevant to the field of study.
  • Satisfactory completion of a master's thesis.

Degree Timeline - GRPRS - MA

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