Stephanie Wilson

Assistant Professor



Office Location

Expressway Tower 1311





The Ohio State University, Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Pennsylvania State University, M.S., Ph.D.

Rhodes College, B.A.

Dr. Wilson’s research investigates the biopsychosocial paths by which close relationships shape health and well-being across adulthood and older age. She has studied both healthy and chronically ill couples using a variety of methods: observational and experimental designs; in the lab and daily life; with biomarker, physiological, self-report, and observational coding modalities; analyzed using a wide range of quantitative methods; and across temporal frames (i.e., across moments, hours, days, months, and years). Funded by a K99/R00 Pathway to Independence award from the National Institute on Aging, a central aim of Dr. Wilson’s recent work has been to integrate social-emotional theories of aging with a dyadic perspective to examine how couples’ interactions and their immune responses may evolve across adulthood. One of her long-term objectives is to understand how to optimize relational resources to extend our healthy years by applying basic biobehavioral findings to develop and improve interventions.

Dr. Wilson is from Memphis, TN, which instilled a deep love for soulful music (of any genre) and expertise in barbecue. Outside of the lab, Dr. Wilson enjoys spending time with family and friends, and strives to keep her dog Lula entertained. She also appreciates crafts, classics, and exploring the city.

Areas of Research Expertise:

Family relationships

Social interaction


Adulthood and aging

Autonomic function

Ecological momentary assessment


Stephanie Wilson