Thomas Ritz




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Dr. Ritz is currently accepting new graduate students


The major area of research in my laboratory is the psychobiology of emotion, stress, and chronic disease, with both basic research and translational treatment studies. Our work has a special focus on respiratory disease, anxiety disorders, and depression. Typical topics are the psychophysiology and psychoneuroimmunology of the airways; the neuroscience of asthma; the autonomic and respiratory regulation in stress, anxiety, and depression; the psychophysiology of vagal activity; illness perception and behavioral medicine interventions in chronic respiratory disease; psychobiologically informed treatments for asthma, blood-injection-injury phobia, panic disorder, and anhedonia.

SELECTED RECENT PUBLICATIONS (*student authors or co-authors)

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*Nordberg, H., *Kroll, J.L., Rosenfield, D., Chmielewski, M., Ritz, T. (2022). Chronic stress experience, sleep, and physical activity: Relations with change in negative affect and acute stress response to a naturalistic stressor. British Journal of Health Psychology, 27, 449-467.

Ritz, T., Schulz, S.M., Rosenfield, D., Wright R.J., & Bosquet Enlow, M. (2020). Cardiac sympathetic activation and parasympathetic withdrawal during psychosocial stress exposure in six-month old infants. Psychophysiology, 57, e13673.

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