Chrystyna Kouros Ph.D.

Associate Professor Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies



Office Location

Expressway Tower 1330





University of Notre Dame, M.A., Ph.D.

University of Chicago, B.A.

In Dr. Kouros’ research, she studies how the quality of the family environment contributes to adolescents’ socio-emotional development, with a specific interest in adolescent depression. Among family factors, Dr. Kouros studies the overall quality of family relationships, with specific interests in children’s exposure to everyday interparental conflict and parental depression, as well as exposure to helicopter parenting among emerging adults. The motivation underlying her research is to use the findings to develop a program of family-based preventive interventions to improve and strengthen the lives of children and families.

Currently, Dr. Kouros is conducting a longitudinal study of how family relationships, including marital and parent-child relationship quality, are related to mental health among children on the autism spectrum. The Couples & Kids with Autism Study will follow approximately 130 families, with the goal understanding the unique strengths and challenges of families raising a child on the spectrum and improving the mental health of children. This study is funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and is in collaboration with Dr. Naomi Ekas and the FACES Lab at Texas Christian University. 

Areas of Research Expertise:

Adolescent Depression

Child Internalizing Symptoms

Family Relationships

Marital Conflict

Maternal Depression

Helicopter Parenting

Kouros Portrait