History of SMU Psychology

1915: SMU opened its doors to students.

1919: The first psychologist arrived on campus. Dr. Joseph Yarborough, a newly minted Ph.D. out of the University of Chicago, joined the Philosophy Department. He was an experimental psychologist and established the 89th psychological research lab in the country.

1930: The Department of Psychology was created with Dr. Yarborough serving as the first chair. He continued in that capacity until 1947.

1930: The SMU chapter of Psi Chi, the undergraduate psychology honors society, became the 23rd chapter to be chartered in the country.

1932: The department started a Master’s degree program.

1948: A Ph.D. program in experimental psychology began.

1970s-mid 1980s: A Master’s degree in Social and Organization Psychology was offered.

2004: A Ph.D. program in clinical psychology program began. It received accreditation by the APA in 2009 and was re-accredited in 2015.

2019: M.S. in Organizational Psychology began. 

2019: SMU’s doctoral program in clinical psychology became a member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science (APCS).