Steve Sverdlik

Professor Emeritus





Ph.D., Columbia University

curriculum vitae


I work on ethics, action theory, moral psychology and punishment. I have published a book on the deontic significance of motives. I am working on some studies of consequentialism, punishment and responsibility.

Publications (Selected)

Motive and Rightness (Oxford University Press, 2011).

"Punishment and Reform," Criminal Law and Philosophy (forthcoming).

"The Origins of 'the Objection,'" History of Philosophy Quarterly 29 (2012): 79-101.

"Kant, Non-Accidentalness, and the Availability of Moral Worth," Journal of Ethics 5 (2001): 293-313.

"Intention, Intentional Action, and Moral Responsibility," with Alfred Mele, Philosophical Studies 82 (1996): 265-87.

"Motive and Rightness," Ethics 106 (1996): 327-49.

"Pure Negligence," American Philosophical Quarterly 30 (1993): 137-49.

"Crime and Moral Luck," American Philosophical Quarterly 25 (1988): 79-86.


Godbey Author's Award
Perrine Prize
Rotunda Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award

Courses Taught

PHIL 3373: Philosophy of Criminal Law
PHIL 3363: Aesthetic Experience and Judgment
PHIL 3310: Advanced Topics in Philosophy: Free Will and Responsibility
PHIL 3310: Advanced Topics in Philosophy: Pleasure and Happiness
PHIL 1318: Contemporary Moral Problems

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