Jennifer Matey

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Hyer Hall 211B





Ph.D., Stony Brook University

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My work concerns topics in the philosophy of mind and the philosophical foundations of Psychology and the Cognitive Sciences, often intersecting with moral psychology, aesthetics, ethics and epistemology. My published research has focused on: the nature of consciousness, perceptual, and emotional experience, related issues in epistemology and metaphysics, and relevant research in the cognitive and biological sciences.

Publications (Selected)

“Meaningfulness and grief: you don't know that you got till it's gone.” Synthese 202, 174. 2023.

"Sexual Consent and Deception About One's Self" Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Vol.102 Issue 2: 380-400. 2021

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"Color Synaesthesia" in The Springer Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology co-authored with B. Brogaard and D. Gatzia. 2019

“Phenomenal Intentionality and Color Experience” Topics in Cognitive Science. Vol. 9. Issue 1. 2017

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“Two HOTs To Handle” Philosophical Psychology Vol. 19, issue 2: 151-174. 2006

Courses Taught

3323: Philosophy of Psychology and Neuroscience
3315: Philosophy of Mind
3313: Knowledge and Skepticism
1318: Contemporary Moral Problems

Jennifer Matey