Philosophy @ SMU

The Department of Philosophy excels in both research and teaching. Faculty members are distinguished scholars whose research is regularly published in leading journals and presses.

The Department of Philosophy is particularly strong in philosophy of mind, ethics, moral psychology, metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of science.

The department offers a B.A. in philosophy and minors in philosophy and in ethics. Upper-level courses cover not only core areas of philosophy and important historical figures, but also specialized topics such as animal rights, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of law. Many of these courses are small and writing-intensive.

Why Study Philosophy at SMU?

Students focus on the development of skills in reasoning, their understanding of arguments and viewpoints, the critical evaluation of varied perspectives, and clear written and oral communication.

Department Highlights

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club is an undergraduate student group geared toward providing social and educational opportunities for students interested in philosophy.

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What can you do with a philosophy major?

A philosophy major could lead to careers in law, business, medicine and academia among others. 

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