Frequently asked questions

Can I major in creative writing?

The English Department offers a specialization in creative writing for undergraduate and graduate majors in English. The specialization allows for 12 credit hours (or four courses) to be applied toward the total number of hours required for the major. Students specializing in creative writing must fulfill all the requirements made of regular English majors. Qualifying graduate students may choose with permission to write a creative thesis in poetry or fiction and apply six credit hours in addition to the total required of all candidates for the M.A. in English.

Can I take a course in creative writing even if I am not an English major or minor?

Courses in creative writing are open to all regularly enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, though some require prerequisites and some permission of the instructor. As space permits, instructors may allow at their discretion for non-credit-degree students to attend their classes, though such a student’s tuition and fees are assessed as equal to that of regularly enrolled students. Students enrolled in the SMU Evening Degree Program are permitted to enroll in creative writing classes offered by the department in the evenings if they otherwise meet the requirements for the classes.

Can I audit a course in creative writing?

Auditors are by definition not allowed to speak or to submit work to an instructor for approval or criticism. Creative writing classes are limited to 15 students and are conducted in a "workshop" fashion, with every student writing assignments and producing written critiques of their fellow students’ work, as well as engaging in daily discussions about individual student pieces. Auditing such a course would not be useful for the auditor or the class.
I have a wonderful idea for a book. Can I get someone on the creative writing faculty to write it with me? Probably not. Most professional writers have more ideas and compelling subjects than they have time to write. Your best bet would be to take a shot at it yourself.

Does SMU have any special non-credit courses for adults who might wish to explore their own book ideas?
SMU Gohas a very well-developed creative writing department that offers reasonably priced courses each semester for writers needing instruction and feedback.

Does SMU have any excellent creative writing students who might assist someone to compose, edit, and proofread materials for a business?
Yes, creative writing students regularly serve as interns to many individuals and corporations, assisting in writing and editing tasks.