Lydia Allen

Director, Writing Center Lecturer, WRTR


Educational Background:

Ph.D. ABD History of Ideas, University of Texas at Dallas

M.A. Biotechnology (emphasis in Neurobiology), Columbia University

B.A. English, University of Texas at Austin  

B.A. Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin

B.A. Psychology, Texas A&M University


Lydia Allen's deep curiosity about the human mind and its development, evolution, and adaptation across environments led her to study the human condition from many angles: scientific, philosophical, and literary. Working at the intersections of science and the humanities allows her to bring a unique perspective to her critical reasoning classes in which students work through issues of science and society, truth and democracy, epistemology, and intellectual integrity. She loves working with students as they move through the world of ideas, motivated by wonder and curiosity.

Lydia has been teaching at SMU since 2017 where she offered a course with innovative curriculum: DISC 1313 Writing for STEM Majors. She also assisted in writing instruction for ECE 3311/7322 Engineering Solid State Devices. She currently teaches WRTR 1313 Critical Reasoning. 

Lydia works as the Director of the Writing Center, where she assists students with research and writing skills in a variety of classes. She also serves on the Writing Board, where she advises faculty on the development of courses for Writing in the Majors proficiency requirements. 


Areas of Interest:

History and philosophy of science

Philosophy of mind

Science and society

Social epistemology

Scientific communications


Courses Taught:

WRTR 1313

Lydia allen