Triauna Carey




Ph.D., Writing and Rhetoric Studies, Bowling Green State University,
M.A., Rhetoric and Composition, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley,
M.A., English Literature, University of Texas Pan America,
BA, Broadcast Journalism, University of Texas Pan America

Dr. Carey teaches writing courses with an emphasis on logic, reasoning, reflection, and positionality. In addition, she focuses on the impact of content creation in online spaces, the exploration of intersectionality and identity, and the necessity for utilizing anti-racist pedagogy in the writing classroom. She conducts research on decolonial research methods and interdisciplinary approaches to theorizing how writing, technology, and other art forms are used as rhetorical tools to reflect and affect popular cultures, social movements, and politics in public spheres. 

Areas of Interest

Cultural Rhetorics

Antiracist Pedagogy

21st Century Writing Studies

Digital Rhetoric

First Year Composition (FYC)

Triauna Carey