Full-Time Lecturer


Dr. Russ McConnell received his BA in English at the University of Calgary, then his MA and PhD at the University of Western Ontario.  He has taught at the University of Western Ontario and at the University of Alabama.  He now teaches in the WRTR program at SMU.
Areas of Interest:
Shakespeare; Renaissance Literature; British Literature; Comic Books and Graphic Novels; Poetry
“Historical Avant-Garde: How Marcia Williams Recreates Shakespeare’s Theater in the Comics Medium.”  ImageText.  10.2.

“God’s Grammar: Parsing Omniscience in Paradise Lost”  Scholarly Milton.  Ed. Kevin Donovan and Thomas Festa.  Clemson University Press, 2019.

“Antipholus and the Exorcists: The Acts of the Apostles in Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors.”  Renaissance Papers 2012.  Ed. Andrew Schifflett and Edward Gieskes.  Rochester: Camden House, 2013.  31-40.

“Reading Law and Ethnicity in the Manga Shakespeare Merchant of Venice.”  New Readings of the Merchant of Venice.  Ed. Horacio Sierra.  Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013.
Courses Taught at SMU:
DISC 1312
DISC 1313
DISC 2305
DISC 2306
WRTR 2305


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